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Laser Treatment at Clarendon Health Poole

Laser Treatment

Laser and Beauty Services

Clarendon Health are thrilled to offer laser and beauty services using the latest technology and techniques, including Fractional Ablative Laser Technology, (See right) to help you achieve your skincare goals and the ground breaking Monalisa Touch for gynaecological health problems.

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Our Co2 laser treatment can help reduce scars and much more leaving your skin looking smoother and more healthy.

Laser treatment procedures are designed to enhance facial appearance and address minor facial imperfections or injuries by using laser technology. Treatment can be performed via two different techniques:

  1. Ablative laser: This laser method eliminates the thin outer layer of skin (epidermis) while heating the underlying skin (dermis), encouraging collagen production, a protein that enhances skin firmness and texture. As the epidermis heals and regenerates, the treated area becomes smoother and firmer. Ablative therapy options include carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers, erbium lasers, and combination systems.
  2. Nonablative laser or light source: This approach also promotes collagen growth but is gentler than ablative lasers, resulting in a shorter recovery period and less dramatic results. Nonablative options include pulsed-dye lasers, erbium (Er:YAG), and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy.

Both of these methods can be carried out with a fractional laser, which creates tiny untreated tissue columns within the treatment area. Fractional lasers were developed to minimize recovery time and reduce the risk of side effects.

laser treatment

Fractional Ablative Laser Technology

Clarendon Health and Isa-Belle by CJ proudly introduce Fractional Ablative Laser Technology (ALT), a cutting-edge scar and injury treatment. This reflects our commitment to advanced healthcare. ALT offers precise, non-invasive scar reduction and tissue regeneration, enhancing healing. Our dedicated team customizes treatments for remarkable results

Our Dermalase treatment provides innovative, minimally invasive solutions to your skin and beauty needs. The DL CO2 Dermalase Laser that we use is an excellent tool for the treatment of wrinkles, scar tissue, acne, moles and warts, milia and can lead to an improvement of the skin’s tone and texture.