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Androfeme now on private prescription

AndroFeme – Testosterone Hormone Replacement Cream

Androfeme Testosterone Hormone Replacement for Women. – Now available on private prescription!

Androfeme is the only testosterone replacement that has been specially formulated and scientifically proven to be safe and effective for women. Up until now the testosterone replacements products were designed for men eg. Testogel . With Testogel product women had to guess how much to use!

Androfeme is licensed in Australia for female use and imported into the UK for private use under special regulatory approval. It is a 1% testosterone cream in a 50ml tube with a screw cap. The starting dose is 0.5ml/day ie 5mg per day. There is a plastic applicator included to measure out the amount. Each tube should last 100 days.

In trials Androfeme has significantly improved sexual desire, frequency of sex, receptivity and initiation in women suffering from a low sex drive or libido (See product data sheets below)


Dispense 0.5ml of the cream and apply it directly to a dry section of skin on your lower abdomen or outer thigh. Gently massage it into the area until fully absorbed, (typically about 30 seconds.) Avoid application directly on the genitals. Refrain from swimming or showering for one hour after application. If you happen to miss a dose, you have a 9-hour window to remember and apply it; beyond that, skip that particular application and resume the next day without any adverse effects. It’s important to note that missing a dose will not result in any harm. Refrain from using perfumes or moisturizing creams over the Androfeme application area, as these may impact absorption.


Upon completion of a face-to-face consultation and a baseline testosterone blood test, we are able to prescribe and provide Androfeme directly to you.

For those residing at a distance from our clinic, a telephone consultation can be arranged. It is essential to undergo a baseline testosterone blood test, which can often be conducted by your GP. In cases where this isn’t feasible, we can dispatch a blood test kit to you for a fee of £150. A qualified healthcare professional must draw the blood, and local private hospitals are often available for this service at an approximate cost of £50. Following the collection of the sample, you can mail it back to us. If the blood test indicates low testosterone levels along with corresponding symptoms, we will then proceed to prescribe and dispatch Androfeme to you.

We supply a 50ml tube of Androfeme for £120. That’s only around £1 a day based on the standard dose of 0.5ml/5mg per day.


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